There is no Nigerian Money Exchange!

One of the fantastic things about having great wireless service is that it makes it so much easier for me to access my email from almost anywhere. And, unfortunately, I never seem to run out of spam and junk mail that can inevitably lead to spyware or worse.

One of the more popular ones that people like to kid around about is the “Nigerian Money Exchange.” Rule 1, young padawan, there is no Nigerian Money Exchange or Bank. Or, at least, there isn’t one that’s closing down and needs your help. However, hundreds of people in this country fall for that prank each year.

They open the email, download the file to help out this bank and BAM! Compromised computer!

Spyware is one of the more dangerous forms of malicious software your computer can have. Unlike common computer viruses that simply inhibit or break the computer and software, spyware sticks around. It watches where you go, what you type, and what you do. It gathers information from your hard drive that could be used against you.

The good news is that, with most software and operating system on the market, you can’t really get spyware without your consent. So don’t go clicking any unfamiliar links and don’t go downloading any attachments from unknown emailers.